About Kureha

Supporting a Sustainable World
Through Smart Development
of Carbon Products

Kureha - First to Commercialize Carbon Products

In 1970, Kureha industrialized pitch type carbon fiber for the first time in history. Then in 1972, Kureha improved upon its industrialized pitch process to create bead-shaped activated carbon - another first! Since then, our innovative technology has been satisfying the challenging and various requirements of our customers all over the world.

Demand for Kureha's highly regarded carbon products continues to grow. Among the many products the company produces in this area are carbon fibers, which are widely known for their use of petroleum pitch as a raw material.

Displaying a variety of characteristics, these products are provided in a number of different forms including chopped fiber, thread, felt, sheets, and cylinders due to their application in a range of fields.

In addition to our carbon fiber materials, Kureha's bead-shaped activated carbon, developed using the company's original technology, is used as a filtration material in fields such as air deodorization, gas absorption and water purification because of its high strength and fluidity.

Manufacturing Sites and Sales Locations for Kureha's Carbon Products

Kureha's carbon products production network has the capacity to meet the large variety of product and mass quantity needs of its customers. We spread our network around the world by establishing production and sales sites for timely supply to the customers.

Features of Production and Sales Network

  • Kureha has an international network of three production sites in lwaki/Japan and Shanghai/China. Therefore, we are able to meet international demand rapidly and flexibly.
  • Global sales subsidiaries in Tokyo/Japan, Osaka/Japan, Dusseldorf/Germany, New York/USA and Shanghai/China that cover major regions of the world to support customer's inquiries on time.
  • Kureha is able to provide both long and short carbon fiber, and bead-shaped active carbon in various quantities to accommodate our customer's needs world-wide.

Kureha Corporation

Kureha Corporation is a dynamic Japanese multinational with its head office in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1944, the company has developed into a world player in specialty chemical products with over $1.6B in sales and is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and challenges of the markets in which it operates. Visit the Kureha Corporation Web site.

Kureha America

Kureha America (“KAN”), established in 1976, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kureha Corporation and located in Houston, Texas. The company is chartered to commercially and operationally represent key business initiatives for the corporation in North and South America. Advanced Materials such as Piezo and Pyroelectric films, Microspheres, as well as KF Polymer, Carbon Fiber, Krehalon and Seaguar are managed by KAN in these regions. Visit the Kureha America Web site.