KRECA Paper & Veil Mat

KRECA Paper and Veil Mat Product Profiles

  • KRECA Paper is made from KRECA Chop using the paper manufacturing process.
  • KRECA Veil Mat is formed by air-layered process using KRECA Chop as raw material.
  • KRECA Veil Mat is thicker and stronger compared to KRECA Paper.

Product Features

  • Slide Ability - Cut carbon fiber makes easier to slide
  • Corrosion Resistance - reduces corrosion
  • Heat Resistance - suitable under high temperature
  • High Purity - low contamination to the product in contact
  • High Affinity - high affinity to the soaking resin

Carbon fiber paper

Carbon fiber veil mat


Main Usages or Applications

  • Carbon paper: lining mat in ceramic baking process, quartz production process, etc. [KRECA Paper]
  • Reinforcement material for plastic and cement [KRECA Veil Mat]
  • Add electrical conductivity and slide ability to the compound [KRECA Veil Mat]