Kureha Carbon Products

Activated Carbon & Carbon Fiber Products

As a pioneer of petroleum pitch type carbon fiber and bead-shaped activated carbon, Kureha's carbon products are desired by the worldwide industry for its high purity, flexibleness, and variety of types.

Features of BAC - Bead-shaped Activated Carbon

Wisdom of the World's Pioneer

In 1972, Kureha industrialized pitch type bead-shaped activated carbon for the first time in history. Since then, we have kept accommodating to the high level and various demands by our original technologies.

High Purity with Less Metal

BAC's low impurity comes from the raw material, petroleum pitch.

Flow Process Diagram of BAC Production

Certificates of Quality Control

Kureha's mother factory in lwaki, Japan obtained quality control standard ISO 9001 and environmental management system standard ISO 14001 for both its Bead-shaped Activated Carbon and its Carbon Fiber product lines.

Features of KRECA - Carbon Fiber

Expertise from a Global Pioneer

In 1970, Kureha industrialized pitch type carbon fiber for the first time in history. Since then, our innovative technology has been satisfying the challenging and various requirements of our customers all over the world.

Integrated Production Process

Kureha produces carbon fiber through an integrated process from raw material pitch, which is then chopped, milled, felt punched, and machined for the insulation we manufacture. Therefore, we achieve flexible and sustainable production with high quality results.

High Purity Products

KRECA carbon fiber is made from petroleum pitch, which has low metal impurity. Therefore, it is superior in oxidation resistance and has a longer lifetime inside a furnace.

Diverse Product Lineup

KRECA has a diverse product lineup such as yarn, felt, chopped fiber, rigid felt, and rigid slurry to accommodate various needs.

Basic Characteristics of KRECA

Physical Properties of KRECA