Bead-shaped Activated Carbon for Critical Purification Processes

BAC Product Profile

Kureha’s Bead-shaped Activated Carbon (BAC) is a highly spherical activated carbon with high purity and less metal, which comes from the raw material, petroleum pitch. Because of its low levels of impurity, BAC offers various unique features in addition to its original adsorption performance.

Main Usages or Applications

  • VOC Control
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Water treatment
  • Exhaust gas, water purification
  • Clean room air filters, chemical filters
  • Polysilicon production process
  • Trichlorosilane purification

Features of BAC

High-fill Capability

Due to the high bulk density, BAC is able to achieve high fill density compared to coal based activated carbon or coconut shell based activated carbon in the same volume capacity.

High Flowability

Due to the high flowability by the spherical shape, BAC reaches all areas of a complex-shaped container.

Low Carbon Dust

BAC generates less carbon dust due to the bead format ion process that does not use binder

High Purity

High purity prevents contamination of your product.

High Strength, High Wear Resistance

High strength and high wear resistance prevents carbon contamination from BAC.

Narrow Particle Size Distribution

Grades are set by average particle size, providing consistent quality.

Proprietary Production Process

The features of BAC are ensured by the proprietary production process. BAC is produced under an integrated process from raw material pitch with low metal impurities. Beads are formed without any binder. The uniform infusion and activation process on a fluidized bed contribute to the consistent quality of BAC.

Installation Advantages

High flowability makes BAC suitable for fluidized bed type filters.
High wear resistance contributes to longer lifetime in fluidized bed filter.

Simple Diagram of BAC (G-BAC G-70R) in a Fluidized Bed

BAC Product Specifications


BAC may be classified into four grades based on average particle size

Particle size distribution for each grade


Standard sizes are 20kg paper bag and 600kg flexible container.
Please inquire for other grades and specifications

BAC Performance

Characteristic Values

Adsorption Property

Carbon tetrachloride adsorption capacity:specific volume

Metal Impurity Data


Carbon dust quantity

Residue on ignition (ash)

Wear Resistance Capability

Wear resistance capability underwater

Angle of Repose 0