Thermal Insulation Materials for High-temperature Furnaces

KRECA FR Profile

KRECA FR, which function as excellent insulation, are products for use in furnaces with high-temperature closed atmosphere. The graphitized carbon-fiber insulation is manufactured by forming carbon fiber felt into the desired shapes, such as boards, discs, and cylinders, with a small quantity of binder. We will meet and respond to the various needs of our customers’ desires about shapes of KRECA FR.

Examples of KRECA FR Shapes

Main Usages or Applications

  • Insulation for furnaces that manufacture multicrystalline silicon ingots
  • Insulation for furnaces that manufacture sapphire ingots or optical-fiber preforms
  • Insulation for monocrystalline silicon ingot pulling furnaces
  • Insulation for sintering or heat treating furnaces

Features of KRECA FR

  • Our insulation has superior thermal properties and high stability in high-temperature atmosphere.
  • Our insulation is Light-weight yet solid enough to stand by itself. Complex machining is available as well.
  • Kureha handles all the manufacturing process of tile products, which allows the quality to be well controlled throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Various types of surface treatments are available to meet the customers' requirements.
  • Our insulation is less dusty compared to felt-formed insulation.
Large Sintering Furnace for Carbon-fiber Insulation

Installation Advantages

  • Since KRECA FR is light-weight and easily machined into customers' desired shapes, it is easily handled or placed, which reduces maintenance downtime.
  • We can offer surface treatments which best match requirements such as prevention of dust or improvement of gas-sealing.
  • We can support customers by providing insulation, which is customized according to their needs for thermal properties, surface treatments, product purity, and other requirements. Customers can freely design KRECA FR to match their usage or conditions inside their furnaces
  • High purity of the KRECA FR and highly-controlled processes of the KRECA FR production prevent contamination.

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Specifications of KRECA FR

Types and Grades

BAC may be classified into four grades based on average particle size

Typical Physical Properties and Characteristics

Typical Effects of Surface Treatments

Fiber Orientation | Thermal Conductivity | Impurities

Appearance of the KRECA FR Surface
(parallel to laminated surface)

Appearance of the KRECA FR Surface
(perpendicular to laminated surface)

Average Thermal Conductivity (in vac.)

Impurities Contained in KRECA FR

Under an atmosphere of 1.33Pa | 50 mm thick pieces

Oxidation Resistance Characteristics

Improvement in Oxidation Resistance Feature by Surface Treatments

Difference in Oxidation between Types of Carbon Fiber

Pitch-based Carbon Fiber

Rayon-based Carbon Fiber

Examples of KRECA FR Usage

KRECA FR works both as frame protection and insulation for crystal-growth devices such as mono-crystalline silicon ingots, compound semiconductors, optical-fiber performs, quartz, sapphire ingots, etc.

Monocrystalline Ingot Puller

Multicrystalline Casting Silicons

PV Panels

Maximum Sizes

Maximum available sizes differ depending on thickness. Please feel free to contact us about details.